Tourist License

What is this

A Rental License / Tourist license / Rental Permit (Licença de Alojamento Local or Licença de Utilização Turística) is a legal requirement in Portugal for all properties which are available for rental. The process and issuing of the license provides evidence and peace of mind that the properties are of a standard which is safe and habitable.


Why Do I need a Rental License right now?

The State Control Authority of Economic Activities (Autoridade de Segurança Alimentar e Económica - ASAE) is already carrying out inspections of private properties for rental in the Algarve. It has also been made very clear that these inspections will be stepped up considerably through 2009 and well beyond. Property owners without the obligatory license (Licença de Utilização Turística) have already been subjected to hefty fines on the basis that their property has been deemed illegal. Rental Agencies/Management are required by law to ensure that each and every property that is offered to the public, is licensed.

The positives relating to obtaining a Touristic License are quite significant. Firstly you will benefit from promotional advertising initiatives that are state backed. It is also soon that the National Register of Tourist Resorts will be launched which provides information on availability of accommodation that is of a Licensed status on the government register.


The Criteria for obtaining a Touristic License

In order to successfully receive a Tourist/Rental License, your property must meet the requirements as set out by the Government. Our engineers/inspectors will survey the properties to the Government standard, to include the areas stated below:

  • Fire safety equipment.
  • General condition.
  • Utilities.
  • Ventilation.
  • Furniture.
  • Security. 
  • Sanitary ware.
  • Statutory information regarding the rules and regulations for use of the property.
  • Cleaning.
  • Complaints book.
  • First aid facilities.
  • Instruction manuals for appliances.
  • Swimming pools and safety.

How much does it cost

Obtaining of Rental License costs:  now only 650 EUR (was 750 EUR)

This include all paperwork and you become legally complying from the time of application. This also includes 1 inspection of your property. Should inspection reveal that some extra work is required on your property, this has to be sorted out separately and you'll need to pay for an extra inspection.

How quickly can I have my License?

The critical priority is that you have instructed a practitioner to commence an inspection and start the necessary legal paperwork. As soon as your application is presented to the local "Camara" (administration) you are protected from prosecution. We can advise you of any requirements your property has, as well as a highly competitive quote for items needed to ensure you are fully compliant. We can typically turn around an application in 4-6 weeks due to the dedicated resources we work closely with. As we handle a great many applications we have bulk buying power with our suppliers ensuring our clients excellent value as well and a speedy hassle free turn around.


Fire safety equipment.

One of the requirements to get a License is compliance with fire safety regulations. This also includes having a fire safety pack in your property. If you don't have one, we can offer you a full fire safety pack to include:

  • 2KG heavy duty ABC powder fire extinguisher
  • Fire blanket
  • First-aid kit (6 person)
  • Signage
  • Smoke detector

All these products meet Portuguese government standards for safety and compliance.

Package price: 200 EUR

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