Rental Management

Set up fee:      Free

Service fee:    20% of any rent arranged by us;    0% of any rent arranged and collected by the owner.

Please, make sure to read owner Responsibilities section below to realize all the benefits that you have by letting us keep your booking records and calendars !

This service is designed for homeowners/investors that simply do not have time to answer booking requests, take deposits and answer their clients' e-mails. Another reason to use this facility is when you're not sure you could write back to your customers every time quick enough to secure a booking. It is also ideal if you're new to rental market. Please, use "Contact us" link on the left menu or just give us a call for more details or to order this service.


How it works


You give us the details of your property, any rental instructions, rates and conditions as well as provide access to your property


We take all the pictures and advertise your property at no cost to you


Potential guests send us enquiries and we would normally respond within 15 minutes to any booking enquiries. This results in more likely booking than if clients would have to wait hours for answer. We negotiate rent and deposit according to your earlier instructions and close the deal.


When agreed, we collect rental deposit or full rent (as instructed by you), credit it to your client account with us and issue "Check-In Note" with all the details of guests, payment collected and amount due to be paid by visitors. The details, including Check In Note, become available online in your user area immediately in real time. You decide when and how much to withdraw from your client account to your bank account.


Your customers get professional service and support before and on arrival


All you have to do is to watch your bank account

What is included


Online user area with instant access to Client Account in real time


Free advertising at HomeAway™


New and existing clients qualify


No obligations, no set up fee. You can still continue marketing your property yourself and pay NO commission on your own bookings


Cleaning, laundry and item rentals at a discount rates (see further below)


Collection/returning of breakage deposit less damages (if any)


Airport transfer arrangements for your guests


Credit/Debit card payment facility. Many clients are more likely to book if there is a choice to pay by card or PayPal. We clear payment for you and deposit to your bank account. Transaction charges are paid by clients.


E-mail and telephone support for your guests. We would normally respond within 15 minutes to any booking enquiries. This results in more likely booking than if clients would have to wait hours for answer. We negotiate rent and deposit according to your earlier instructions and close the deal.


You don't need to be our Property Management customer to sign up for Rental Management as long as you can provide contact details of someone who represents your property locally, in case of any attention required to the propety while guests are staying.


Your responsibilities


One of the benefits of our Rental Management service is that even though we do not ask you to invest in advertising at all we still allow you to market your property yourself and thus pay no commission on guests found by you. As a consiquence of this we have made few simple rules that we ask you to appreciate. These are mainly aimed to protect your guests, avoid double bookings and overlapping reservations, reduce your costs and maintain good image of your holiday let.


These rules are very strict and some legally binding. Please, read carefully as this is very important !


Strict rules:


  1. We keep rental calendar which is deemed to be the main and the only valid calendar of your property rentals.
  2. You MUST let us know BEFORE taking any deposits for your property yourself and get RECORD ID as a confirmation of our awareness. Unless you obtain this Record ID we will continue marketing your property for the dates that you have not reserved for your own lettings. Record ID can be obtained by e-mail or telephone. Remember, we'll always respond to you quickly and normally within 15 minutes. So you won't have to wait at all !
  3. If as a consequence of not letting us know of your own booking we get overlapping or double booking, our client has a priority and you have to make alternative arrangements with your guest or even cancel your own booking.
  4. If you let us know before making any bookings and obtain Record ID, we mark this on your calendar and stop marketing your property for those dates unless later cancelled by you. We do not want any commission for clients that you found yourself.
  5. Since we invest in marketing of your property you will allow us to rent it for you for at least 12 month. Remember, you can still rent it to your own clients too simultaneously with NO commission to be paid to us as long as you keep as informed as above.
  6. If you DON'T want to market and let your property for certain months (for example from November till January), simply let us know and we will mark it as "unavailable to guests" on the calendar. It does not cost you anything (no commission charged) if you reserve your property for yourself for several months during the 12 months period and we will still market your property free of charge for the remainder of the time on the above conditions.


Strongly advisable but at your discretion:


  1. If you cancel any provisional or confirmed bookings, you should let us know. Even though you're not obliged to do it, failure to inform us of any cancellations will result in loss of rent revenues.
  2. You should let us know if any of the booking that you made have been confirmed letting us also know the number of people coming and arrival/departure times. This is to make sure any departing changeover guests vacate your property in time for your arrivals. You're not however obliged to do so too.
  3. If possible, please, let us book airport transfer for your clients. The benefits are that our transfer drivers know the way to your property AND your guests benefit from a discount rates.


Additional services that you're entitled to at a discount price:

  • welcome pack (tea, coffee, water, milk, juice, bread, butter, eggs, cookies, wine): at a cost price according to your instructions. Recommended budget - €25
  • cleaning:  €7.50 per hour

Guidance times for cleaning


1.5 hours (stay on)

2 hours (after departure)


2 hours (stay on)

2.5 hours (after departure)


3 hours (stay on)

3.5 hours (after departure)


depending on Villa

depending on Villa

  • laundry: €3.00 per kilo including collection and drop off
  • items rental

Baby Cot

€15 per week

High Chair

€15 per week

Stair Gate (incl. installation)

€20 per week

Single Fold-Up Bed

€20 per week

  • airport transfer arrangements:  at a cost price of transfer company
  • 24 hour Emergency Line for urgent repairs (locks, boilers, doors, windows, lost key etc.)

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