Swimming Pool and Garden Services

Our swimming pool and gardening services are available to both subscription customers and non-subscription users. In other words we can arrange it for you even if you do not normally require property management services or/and live in the house yourself.


Even though our company's pricing policy is to give you clear price for each type of service, with gardening and pool maintenance it would not be that easy. This is simply because all swimming pools and gardens are so different.


Despite of the above, we still aim to give you a Guide Price below of what you would normally have to expect to pay for an average not too big garden or/and swimming pool. We do need however to come around and see your garden and pool to give you an accurate estimate.


Our call in estimate service is free and with NO obligation from your side. We will not chase call or embarrass you after you receive a quote from us. If you decide to proceed, please, just drop us an e-mail or call us after receipt of a quote from us.

Guide Price List

Swimming Pool Rescue:  80 GBP

We found that sometimes when you rely on yourself or on another pool maintenance service your pool may go green. You wake up in the morning and your swimming pool looks like a pond with frogs living in it.


Ironically, if it ever happens, it would always be just few hours before your precious guests arrive at the property. Do not panic as it will not help ! At this point you need some strong chemicals and a specialist intrusion. Your normal "tablets" and chlorine powder will not help no matter how much of it you will pour into you swimming pool. Most probably you'll make it even worse !


While we can not promise that you'll be able to use your swimming pool the same very day, we can certainly make it look very clean and clear within few hours. Just like by magic ! You'll then be able to use your pool again in the morning when all strong chemical dissolve and evaporate leaving just enough proportion to keep it clear and safe to use.


Pool maintenance: from 60 EUR per month

  • chemicals included
  • weekly service (usually every Saturday)
  • twice a week in very hot weathre times (Wednesday and Saturday)
  • pool repairs (for additional charge)
  • regular water tests


 Gardening: from 50 EUR per month

  • weekly service (usually every Saturday)
  • twice a week in very hot weather  times (Wednesday and Saturday)
  • florists service available (for additional charge)
  • additional planting on request
  • regular treatments and trimmings

Please, contact us for a quote or/and more information.

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